Windemere & Gale Ranch Neighborhood

Which neighborhood is more suitable for you? Would your family enjoy living in Windemere or Gale Ranch?

Windemere is a perfect place to raise your family if you like things quiet and peaceful. Many of the homes here have easy access for children because they're on dead ends or cul-de sac streets, which means that there won't be any traffic interference when it's time play outside!

Majestic views can also be enjoyed year round in this nice neighborhood; not just during summer months like most other areas do nowadays.

If you're looking for a great place to live with easy access both inside and outside of your community, then look no further than Gale Ranch. A master planned living area that was built by Shapell Industries (makers behind such communities as Canyon Lake), this is an excellent spot if work/play balance are important factors in where you'd like spend time everyday while also being close enough so commutes aren't too difficult.


Which neighborhood is more suitable for you?

The San Ramon area is a great place for those who like variety. There are many different neighborhoods with their own unique characteristics and flavors, making it easy to find one that suits your taste or lifestyle needs!

Things to do in Windemere

Sports & Recreation Center
-The Windemere Recreation Center, also known as Butler Bay, is located at 11465 Park Avenue.

Windermere Parks to visit!
- located on Oakdale Street between East 4th and 5th Avenues.
- Johnson Park & Central Park

It is important to consider the right neighborhood before you start your search for a new home. Factors like demographics, schools and transportation can influence where in Windermere FL it would be best suited as there are many different neighborhoods that have their own unique qualities depending on what they offer residents or visitors alike! It's worth taking some time out if possible so make sure this decision will work with all aspects of life - emotionally as well physically- because once moving into any city isn't always easy but having an idea about location upfront helps narrow down possibilities significantly

1. Windermere is a city in FL. The population of Windermere is 3,430 with 54% males and 46% females, and a median age of 52.

2. There aren't too many bidding wars right now in Windermere, with homes selling 2% below asking price over the last three months.

3. 98.5% of adults in Windermere have completed high school, which is 8.7% higher than the national average.

4. 7 homes were sold in Windermere this month, which is 250% higher than last month and 83% lower than last year.

Best walking trails near Windemere Pkwy, San Ramon, CA

1. Tassajara Ridge Staging Area
2. Summit View Trails
3. Alamo Creek Trail
4. Hidden Valley Park
5. Souyen Park
6. San Ramon Sports Park with Tiffany Roberts Field
7. East Branch Park
8. Alamo Creek Park
9. Tassajara Creek Regional Park
10. Red Willow Park

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