Understanding Today's Housing Market: A Guide for Sellers and Buyers

In the current housing market, we're witnessing a significant increase in unsold home inventory, raising questions about potential impacts on home prices. Here’s what you need to know:

The State of Inventory and Home Prices

  • Inventory Growth: There's been a 19% year-over-year increase in unsold homes, with a potential rise to 40% if trends continue. High mortgage rates and hesitant sellers could fuel this growth.
  • Home Prices: So far, prices remain stable but increased inventory and continued high mortgage rates could lead to price declines. Historically, significant inventory growth has either led to price drops or stagnation.

What Sellers and Buyers Should Know

  • For Sellers: Despite the growing inventory, it’s important to recognize that the number of new listings isn’t surging. If you're considering selling, now may still be a favorable time, especially before any potential downturn in prices.
  • For Buyers: The increase in inventory coupled with fewer immediate sales indicates a less competitive market. However, high mortgage rates are affecting buyer demand, making affordability a concern.

Immediate Sales and Price Reductions

  • Immediate Sales: A decrease in immediate sales suggests a slowdown in buyer urgency, influenced by higher mortgage rates.
  • Price Reductions: An uptick in homes requiring price reductions points to a market where buyers are waiting for more favorable conditions.

Looking Ahead

  • The median home price is currently stable, with slight growth compared to last year. However, market conditions are fluid, and changes in mortgage rates could influence both inventory levels and home prices.

Actionable Insights

  • Sellers: Monitor the market but don’t be deterred by inventory growth. Quality homes in desirable locations are still in demand.
  • Buyers: Stay informed about mortgage rates and market inventory. Opportunities for favorable deals may increase as the market adjusts.


Both buyers and sellers need clear, actionable information in today’s shifting market. Whether you’re planning to buy or sell, staying informed with the latest data, such as that provided by Altos Research, can help you make more strategic decisions. Visit Altos Research for tailored market reports and insights specific to your area.

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