The Listing Appointment and Open House Tips and Tricks You Need

The Listing Appointment and Open House Tips and Tricks You Need

Whether you are prepping for either an upcoming listing appointment or an open house on the horizon (or both), it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Keep these tips in mind for when you need a boost of confidence as you prepare for either of these events on your calendar.

Listing appointment tips

Have a process set in place

Know what you’re going to say before you go into the appointment. You should feel confident and ready, and this only comes from being prepared. Test yourself on what potential questions the prospect will ask, and be ready with answers that will meet their expectations.

Bring marketing materials

If you’re talking to a buyer or seller about how well you’re going to market their home, but you don’t actually have the materials to back up that statement, then you may not be taken seriously. Bring along anything that will show you’re credible—past marketing examples, whether print or digital—and get ready to tackle the undertaking of selling your prospect’s home.


You should try to accrue as much information as possible about the listing and the surrounding neighborhood—the comps, recent sales, and the differences between your prospect’s house and the rest of the houses in the area. You’ll also want to see previous and current market activity so you go into the appointment with the most accurate information.

Open house tips

Don’t take on too much

Knowing that you can’t do it all is an important tip to keep in mind. You may not have the knowledge to do certain things, so don’t take on more than you can handle. Hire a professional stager to take care of all of the staging needs that an open house entails. Focus on what you’re an expert at—which is selling someone’s home.

Utilize social media

In today’s age, it’s all about keeping up with social media. People find out about open houses through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram—it’s all fair game for you to advertise your open house. Getting the word out online is key to a successful open house, and hopefully, a successful close.

When preparing for a listing appointment or an open house, you want to make sure you have the best tips at your disposal to go in with peace of mind. Following these tips will help you have success in these areas.

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