San Mateo County - Weekly Market Report: DEC 6 - 12, 2023

Check out this DEC 6 - 12, 2023 Get the best insights on when to place a plan for your new home with this weekly market guide in San Mateo Country.

📍 Belmont 📍 Burlingame 📍 Foster City 📍 Hillsborough
📍 Millbrae 📍 Palo Alto 📍 San Carlos 📍 San Mateo

In Belmont, the market is somewhat stable, indicated by a modest number of active listings and a relatively high median sold price. The median days on the market suggest a moderate pace of sales. The market here seems balanced, neither heavily favoring buyers nor sellers.

Burlingame shows signs of a more active market. Despite a higher number of active listings compared to Belmont, the lower median days on the market indicate quicker sales. This could be due to Burlingame's desirable location or property features, attracting more buyers.

Foster City's real estate market is dynamic, with a good balance between active and new listings. The relatively low median days on the market reflect a quick turnover, suggesting a seller's market where properties are in demand.

Hillsborough presents an interesting scenario with no recorded sales but a significant number of active listings. This could indicate a higher-end market where transactions are less frequent, or it could suggest a current mismatch between property prices and buyer expectations.

Millbrae's real estate market is quite active, shown by the relatively low median days on the market and a decent number of new listings. The market here is likely competitive, with properties selling relatively quickly.

Palo Alto stands out with the highest number of active listings and the highest median sold price, reflecting its status as a highly sought-after area. The low median days on the market further indicate a strong seller's market, with high demand and quick sales.

In San Carlos, there's a notable number of active listings and a high median sold price, suggesting a premium market. The median days on the market indicate a balanced pace of sales, neither too quick nor slow.

San Mateo shows the highest number of active listings, indicating a large and active market. The median days on the market are relatively low, suggesting a healthy turnover rate. This city seems to be experiencing a vibrant real estate market.

Overall Analysis
Across these cities, there's a general trend of healthy market activity, with varying degrees of demand and sales pace. Palo Alto and San Mateo are particularly active, with quick sales and high demand. In contrast, Hillsborough shows a slower market, possibly due to higher-end properties or pricing strategies. The absence of price changes across the board suggests market stability. Overall, the region reflects a robust real estate market with each city exhibiting its unique market dynamics.

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