October 2023 Real Estate Market Insights: Tri-Cities, Tri-Valley, and South Bay, California

Discover the latest trends in the California real estate market, with a focus on the Tri-Cities, Tri-Valley, and South Bay regions. This comprehensive overview for October 2023 provides key insights for both buyers and sellers, backed by detailed statistics and expert advice.

Tri-Cities Housing Market Overview (October 1-31, 2023):

🔹 Tri-Cities Overview:

  • Total Sold: 301 homes
  • Price Range: $372,000 - $4,120,000
  • Median Price: $1,108,000
  • Days On Market (DOM): 11 days
  • Total Value: $363,230,084


For Sellers:

  • Pricing Strategy: In diverse markets like Fremont, accurate pricing is crucial. Analyze recent sales in your specific area to set a competitive price.
  • Market Variation: Be aware of the different Days On Market (DOM) across cities. Understand your city's specific market rhythm to optimize your selling strategy.

For Buyers:

  • Swift Action: Properties in the Tri-Cities are selling fast, often in under 15 days. Have your finances in order and be prepared to make a quick offer.
  • Localized Research: Investigate the unique aspects of each city. For example, Hayward and Fremont might offer different opportunities and challenges.
  • Mortgage Pre-Approval: In this competitive market, having a pre-approval can significantly boost your chances of securing a property.

Tri-Valley Housing Market Overview (October 1-31, 2023):

🔹 Overall in Tri-Valley:

  • Total Sold: 230 homes
  • Price Range: $360,000 - $5,750,000
  • Median Price: $1,350,000
  • DOM: 8 days
  • Total Value: $351,755,921


🔹 Insights for Sellers and Buyers:

  • For Sellers:

    • Pricing is Key: There's a significant variation in price ranges across cities. Price your home based on local comparables and market trends.
    • Presentation Matters: In areas like Danville, where median prices are high, exceptional presentation can make your property stand out. Invest in professional staging and photography.

    For Buyers:

    • Be Ready to Move: The average DOM in Tri-Valley is quite low. If you find a property you like, be prepared to act swiftly.
    • Pre-Approval is a Must: Being pre-approved for a mortgage is essential in this competitive market. It demonstrates your seriousness and financial readiness to sellers.
    • Seek Expertise: Partner with a realtor who has deep knowledge of the Tri-Valley market. Their insights can be crucial in making a successful purchase.

South Bay Housing Market Overview (October 1-31, 2023):

🔹 South Bay Overview:

  • Total Sold: 40 homes
  • Price Range: $750,000 - $11,800,000
  • Median Price: $3,385,000
  • DOM: 7 days
  • Total Value: $140,657,097


For Sellers:

  • Premium Presentation: In high-end areas of South Bay, top-notch presentation is vital. Consider professional staging and high-quality photos to showcase your home's best features.
  • Precise Pricing: Accurate pricing is key, especially in areas like Cupertino with higher median prices. Base your price on current market trends and comparable sales.
  • Market Understanding: Understand the unique pace of your specific area. For instance, Monte Sereno may have a different DOM compared to other areas, influencing your selling strategy.

For Buyers:

  • Quick Decisions: With DOMs often below 10 days, South Bay properties sell rapidly. Be prepared to make informed and swift decisions.
  • Deep Dive Research: Cities like Saratoga have unique market characteristics. Thoroughly research each city to understand its specific market conditions.
  • Financial Readiness: In competitive areas, strong financial standing is crucial. Ensure your finances are in order to make a compelling offer when the opportunity arises.

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