Oakland Inner East Bay - Real Estate Market Report FEBRUARY 2024

Oakland - Inner Berkely Monthly Market Report

Market Trends:

  • The first image indicates a general upward trend in median house prices since 2016, with noticeable peaks during the summer months each year. There is a significant drop noted during the pandemic's initial impact in early 2020, followed by a sharp recovery and continued growth through January 2024.
  • The second image shows the monthly sales volume with a clear seasonal pattern where sales dip in the winter months and peak during the summer. The highest volume of sales occurred around June 2021, with other notable peaks in Q4 of 2020 and Spring 2022.
  • The third image provides demographic insights, highlighting a diverse population with a mix of owner-occupied and tenant-occupied housing, a variety of income levels, and educational backgrounds.

Recommendations for Sellers:

  • Timing: Considering the trend that median sales prices peak in late spring/early summer, listing a property during this period may maximize sale price.
  • Pricing: Given the upward trajectory in median house prices, sellers should price their homes competitively, taking into account recent sales and the current market demand.
  • Presentation: With the market's recovery post-pandemic and consistent growth, ensuring the property is well-presented and marketed can help attract buyers willing to meet or exceed the asking price.

Recommendations for Buyers:

  • Market Entry: Buyers may find better deals during the winter months when sales volume is typically lower. This could translate to less competition and more room for negotiation.
  • Budgeting: With a high proportion of households earning $200,000 or more, buyers should be financially prepared for competitive offers, especially in higher price brackets.
  • Long-Term Investment: Considering the steady increase in house prices over the years, purchasing property in this market could be a strong long-term investment.

Overall Market Outlook:
The Inner East Bay real estate market appears to be robust with a consistent demand for housing. For sellers, the market conditions are favorable, and for buyers, while competition may be significant, there is potential for long-term growth in property values. Both parties should consider the seasonal trends and demographic data to make informed decisions tailored to their circumstances.

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