January 2024: Real Estate Market Insights: Lamorinda & Contra Costa, Tri-Cities, Tri-Valley, and South Bay, California

Discover the latest trends in the California real estate market, with a focus on the Lamorinda, Select Parts of Contra Costa, Tri-Cities, Tri-Valley, and South Bay regions. This comprehensive overview for January 2024 provides key insights for both buyers and sellers, backed by detailed statistics and expert advice


🏡 For Buyers:

🌳 Concord: Offers a wide price range and $/SqFt, indicating diverse opportunities. Look for properties that have seen price adjustments or those with multiple offers for potential value.
🍃 Pleasant Hill: Some homes sell slightly below list, while others, like those in high-demand areas, can command higher prices, suggesting careful market analysis and quick action when interested.
🏞 Walnut Creek: Demonstrates a mix of competitive and buyer-friendly scenarios. High-demand areas might see properties selling above list, showcasing the city's appeal.
🏠 For Sellers:

🏡 Concord: Homes that are well-presented and priced according to market expectations tend to move quickly, as seen in properties receiving multiple offers.
🌄 Pleasant Hill: Consistent demand allows for strategic pricing, with a chance for well-marketed properties to achieve or exceed asking prices.
🌅 Walnut Creek: A desirable location with potential for premium pricing, especially for homes that stand out in terms of location or features.


🏡 For Buyers:

🍃 Lafayette: Offers a range from potential deals on homes with extended DOM to hot properties that generate significant competition.
🌳 Moraga: A balanced market where buyers can find properties near list price, with occasional gems that receive multiple offers.
🏞 Orinda: Attracts strong interest for its desirable locations, with some properties significantly exceeding list prices.

🏠 For Sellers:

🏡 Lafayette: Varied results require strategic pricing, especially for homes with longer DOM. Exceptional properties can still ignite bidding wars.
🌄 Moraga: Steady demand suggests the need for accurate pricing to achieve close to or above list price sales.
🌅 Orinda: Demonstrates a high seller advantage for well-placed homes, capable of drawing in multiple offers and commanding premium prices.


📍 Castro Valley:

🏡 Buyers: Seek out homes like those on Yuma Street, where the sale price exceeded the list, suggesting room for potential gains.
🏠 Sellers: Note the success of homes on Crow Canyon Road that sold quickly and above list price, indicating a desirable market.
📍 Fremont:

🏡 Buyers: With a mix of homes selling above and below list price, evaluate properties like those on Avalon Heights for investment potential.
🏠 Sellers: Strong sale prices, as seen on Caterpillar Common, suggest a well-priced home in a good location can command top dollar.
📍 Hayward:

🏡 Buyers: Properties like those on Country Club Drive may offer a chance to negotiate, with some homes sitting longer on the market.
🏠 Sellers: Consider pricing strategies that reflect the market's willingness to pay above list, as observed on Sleepy Hollow Avenue.
📍 Newark:

🏡 Buyers: The market seems balanced, but be prepared to act quickly on homes like those on Severn Drive that fetch multiple offers.
🏠 Sellers: Take cues from properties on Merion Drive that sold for less than list price to ensure your home is competitively priced.
📍 San Leandro:

🏡 Buyers: With some properties selling well above list price, such as those on Norton Street, do your homework to spot high-potential homes.
🏠 Sellers: Successful sales like those on Bancroft Avenue highlight the importance of marketing to achieve exceptional sale prices.
📍 Union City:

🏡 Buyers: Look for opportunities in homes that may have been overlooked, similar to those on Starling Drive, which sold below list price.
🏠 Sellers: Homes like those on Myrtle Lane that sell at or near the list price reflect a market responsive to well-priced properties.


For Buyers:
Opportunities for Negotiation:

  • Properties with a high number of days on the market (DOM) may indicate that the seller is facing challenges in selling the property, which could provide buyers an opportunity to negotiate a lower price.
  • Properties that sold for less than the list price (% diff) also indicate chances for negotiation, especially if the difference is significant.

Price Per Square Foot:

  • The $/SqFt value gives an indication of the price relative to the size of the property. Buyers should look for properties with lower $/SqFt as they may represent better value.
  • It's also useful to compare the $/SqFt across different cities and neighborhoods to identify areas that offer more affordable options.

Market Dynamics:

  • Areas with a high number of offers may be more competitive, which could lead to bidding wars. Buyers should be prepared for potential competition in such areas.
  • Conversely, properties with fewer offers might present less competitive and potentially under-the-radar opportunities.

For Sellers:
Pricing Strategy:

  • Sellers should consider the % diff between LP and SP to understand the market's response to pricing. If most properties are selling at or above list price, it may indicate a seller's market where pricing aggressively could be beneficial.
  • If properties in the area are consistently selling below list price, sellers may need to set a more realistic price or improve their property's condition to attract buyers.

Time to Sale:

  • A low DOM suggests that properties are selling quickly, which can allow sellers to expect a faster sale if their property is priced correctly and marketed well.
  • High DOM properties may need additional marketing efforts or a price adjustment to attract buyers.

Demand by Location:

  • Sellers should analyze the demand in their specific city or neighborhood. High demand areas, as indicated by multiple offers and a low DOM, can lead to better selling conditions.


🏡 For Buyers:

  • Cupertino & Saratoga offer properties with significant $/SqFt values, suggesting a careful evaluation of property worth.
  • Monteseno shows a balanced market with potential for both value buys and competitive offers, highlighted by properties like Alma Jo Court.
  • Properties with longer DOM, such as on Tantau Avenue in Cupertino, might provide negotiation opportunities.

🏠 For Sellers:

  • Cupertino demonstrates a market with fluctuating demand, as seen in properties on S Tantau Avenue and Oakleaf Place. Pricing strategy is key.
  • Saratoga shows strong potential for sellers, with homes on Seaton Avenue and Verde Vista Court exceeding list prices, indicating robust buyer interest.
  • Monte Sereno, with homes like those on Alma Jo Court, suggests that well-positioned properties can achieve or exceed their asking price.

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