February 2024: Real Estate Market Insights: Lamorinda & Contra Costa, Tri-Cities, Tri-Valley, and South Bay, California

Discover the latest trends in the California real estate market, with a focus on the Lamorinda, Select Parts of Contra Costa, Tri-Cities, Tri-Valley, and South Bay regions. This comprehensive overview for February 2024 provides key insights for both buyers and sellers, backed by detailed statistics and expert advice


Concord Real Estate Market Analysis

  • Demand and Pricing Trends: Concord shows a vibrant real estate market with a wide range of properties selling at various price points. The highest selling price achieved was $1,980,000 for a 4502 sqft property, indicating a strong market for luxury homes. However, the majority of sales hover around the mid-range, showcasing diversity in housing options.
  • Price Per Square Foot (PPSF): The price per square foot varies significantly, with the highest reaching over $700 for certain properties. Buyers should note that homes with higher PPSF often come with unique features or locations that add significant value.
  • Days on Market (DOM): Properties in Concord show a range of DOM, with some homes selling in less than a week, indicating strong buyer interest for well-priced or desirable homes. In contrast, homes staying on the market for over 100 days may need to reassess their pricing strategy.
  • Negotiation Margins: The percentage difference between the listing price (LP) and selling price (SP) shows room for negotiation in both directions. Some properties sell for above the listing price, especially those with a high number of offers, suggesting a competitive market.

Pleasant Hill Real Estate Market Analysis

  • Luxury Segment Strength: Pleasant Hill also showcases a healthy demand for higher-priced homes, with top sales reaching $1,760,000. The market here appears to cater well to buyers looking for premium housing options.
  • Market Dynamics: The area experiences a mix of price adjustments with properties selling both above and below their listing prices. This indicates a balanced market where both buyers and sellers can find opportunities to negotiate favorable deals.
  • DOM and Buyer Interest: Similar to Concord, Pleasant Hill properties show variability in how long they stay on the market, with some homes selling rapidly. High demand properties, especially in desirable locations or with unique features, tend to sell quickly.

Walnut Creek Real Estate Market Analysis

  • High-Value Market: Walnut Creek stands out with its high-value transactions, showcasing a strong market for luxury homes. The highest selling price noted is $2,825,000, with a significant number of properties selling above the $1 million mark.
  • PPSF Insights: This area also exhibits a high price per square foot, reflecting the premium nature of properties here. Buyers interested in Walnut Creek should be prepared for competitive pricing, particularly for homes with modern amenities or in sought-after neighborhoods.
  • Competitive Market Behavior: With several properties receiving multiple offers, Walnut Creek's market dynamics suggest a competitive environment, especially for well-located or uniquely appealing homes. Sellers in this market have the advantage of likely securing close to or above their asking price, thanks to high buyer interest.

Insights for Buyers and Sellers

  • Buyers: To navigate these competitive markets, buyers should secure pre-approval for financing to move quickly on desirable properties. Considering the variability in DOM, there's value in being ready to act swiftly on new listings or properties that have been on the market longer, which may offer negotiation opportunities.
  • Sellers: Pricing strategy is key. Properties priced competitively tend to attract more offers and can sell above the listing price, especially in markets like Walnut Creek. However, overpriced homes risk longer DOM. Accurate market analysis and pricing can significantly influence the selling process's success.


The real estate markets in Concord, Pleasant Hill, and Walnut Creek each offer unique opportunities for potential buyers and sellers. Understanding the local dynamics, from price per square foot to days on market and negotiation margins, can empower both buyers and sellers to make informed decisions and strategize effectively for successful transactions.


For Sellers:

  1. Premium Pricing in Orinda and Lafayette: Properties in Orinda and Lafayette, especially those with higher square footage, often list and sell at premium prices, indicating a strong market for sellers in these areas. For example, properties in Lafayette with unique features and larger lot sizes have achieved high selling prices, with some even exceeding their list price.

  2. Days on Market (DOM): Properties that sold at or above list price tended to have lower DOM, suggesting that well-priced and desirable properties move quickly in these markets. Sellers should consider market trends and property appeal when pricing their homes to minimize DOM and maximize returns.

  3. Market Response: The number of offers received can indicate the level of interest and market competition. Properties in Lafayette receiving multiple offers, some significantly over list price, reflect a competitive market. Sellers might leverage this by pricing their properties strategically to incite bidding wars.

For Buyers:

  1. Market Opportunities: While some areas and properties command premium prices, there are opportunities for buyers to find value. Properties in Moraga, for instance, have shown positive returns but at slightly lower $/Sqft rates than in Lafayette or Orinda, indicating potential for value purchases.

  2. Negotiation Leverage: Properties that have been on the market longer or have fewer offers may provide negotiation leverage for buyers. For example, properties in Orinda and Lafayette that sold below list price or after extended DOM periods suggest that buyers could negotiate more favorable terms in certain scenarios.

  3. Investment Potential: The $/Sqft and % diff metrics reveal that specific properties and areas offer strong investment potential, particularly those that have sold for significantly over list price. Buyers looking for investment opportunities should focus on neighborhoods with high demand and limited supply, as evidenced by low DOM and high number of offers.

Overall Market Trends:

  • High Demand Areas: Lafayette and Orinda are high-demand areas with properties often selling at or above list price, particularly those offering unique features or larger spaces.
  • Value Purchases: Moraga presents opportunities for value purchases, with some properties selling at lower $/Sqft but still offering desirable community attributes.
  • Investment Insights: The data highlights investment opportunities across all three cities, with certain properties achieving remarkable sale prices above list price, indicative of competitive market conditions and potential for capital appreciation.


Overview of Market Trends


  • High Demand: Fast-moving market with several homes selling above listing price. Short DOM indicates high interest.
  • Premium Pricing: Significant variance in price per square foot, showcasing a premium on location and unique home features.
  • Market Hotspots: Properties on Providence Court, La Paloma Drive, and Scofield Drive highlight areas with particularly high demand.

Monte Sereno

  • Luxury Market: Targets luxury buyers with the highest-priced listing at $8,500,000, though showing signs of negotiation space.
  • Market Stability: Exhibits smaller variances between LP and SP, indicating a stable market outside the top-tier luxury segment.


  • Market Range: Offers a wide price range and diverse property types, from high-end to modest, impacting price per square foot.
  • Luxury Insights: Mixed performance in the luxury segment, with both increases and decreases in SP compared to LP, suggesting a nuanced buyer pool.

Insights for Buyers

  • Opportunities for Negotiation: Presence of properties selling below their listing price across all markets indicates room for negotiation, especially in higher-priced segments.
  • Value in Unique Features and Location: High price per square foot values in certain areas underscore the premium placed on desirable locations and unique property features. Buyers interested in these aspects should be prepared for competitive pricing.
  • Market Dynamics: Understanding the variability in DOM and pricing trends can help buyers identify the right timing and approach for making an offer, potentially securing a better deal.

Insights for Sellers

  • Pricing Strategy: Properties that sold for more than the listing price suggest that a well-calibrated pricing strategy can lead to competitive offers, especially in high-demand areas.
  • Preparation and Presentation: The success of properties achieving high prices per square foot highlights the importance of preparing and presenting the property well to capture buyer interest.
  • Market Timing: Short DOM for many properties indicates a seller's market in certain areas; however, luxury properties with longer DOM suggest that timing and patience play a key role in securing the best offer.


The real estate markets in Cupertino, Monteseeno, and Saratoga are vibrant and diverse, with unique opportunities and challenges for buyers and sellers. High-demand areas in Cupertino show significant competition, often driving prices above listing. In contrast, the luxury markets in Monteseeno and Saratoga demonstrate variability, with potential for negotiation but also requiring strategic pricing and patience from sellers. For buyers, these markets offer a range from high-end to more accessible homes, with location and unique features driving pricing. Understanding these dynamics and market-specific trends can help both buyers and sellers make informed decisions and achieve their real estate goals in these desirable locations.



he real estate market in these areas exhibits a vibrant and diverse landscape, offering unique opportunities and challenges for both buyers and sellers. Here’s a synthesis of the key insights and recommendations derived from the sold property data:

Insights for Potential Buyers:

  • Varied Market Dynamics: Each city presents distinct market dynamics, with Castro Valley and Fremont showing signs of a competitive luxury market, while Hayward and Union City offer more accessible options with significant growth potential.
  • High Demand vs. Opportunity: Areas like Castro Valley and Newark are highly competitive, often seeing properties sell rapidly above the listing price. Meanwhile, buyers might find more opportunities in Hayward and Union City, where the entry price points are lower, and there's a potential for strong appreciation.
  • Strategic Approach to Bidding: In competitive markets, being prepared for multiple offer situations is crucial. Consider properties that have been on the market longer for potential negotiations.

Recommendations for Sellers:

  • Market-Specific Pricing Strategy: In cities where properties tend to sell above the listing price, adopting a pricing strategy that encourages competitive bidding can lead to higher sale prices. However, this needs to be balanced with the risk of pricing too optimistically in less heated markets.
  • Highlighting Property Appeal: Effective presentation through high-quality photos, virtual tours, and staging can significantly enhance a property's marketability. Tailoring these efforts to highlight features that resonate with the prevalent buyer demographic in the area can further increase appeal.
  • Leveraging Market Trends: Understanding the specific trends and buyer preferences in your city can guide sellers in positioning their properties more effectively. For example, emphasizing outdoor spaces in family-oriented communities or smart home features in tech-savvy markets.


The real estate markets in Castro Valley, Fremont, Hayward, Newark, San Leandro, and Union City each offer distinct advantages and challenges. For buyers, conducting thorough market research, preparing for competition, and focusing on properties with long-term growth potential are key strategies for success. Sellers can maximize their outcomes by employing strategic pricing, ensuring their properties are well-presented, and aligning their sales strategies with current market trends and buyer preferences. Understanding these dynamics can empower both buyers and sellers to make informed decisions and achieve their real estate objectives in these diverse and evolving markets.


Key Trends

  1. High Demand Areas: Danville and San Ramon have shown significant activity in the real estate market, indicating a high demand for properties in these areas. This could be due to their desirable locations, community amenities, or school districts.

  2. Selling Price vs. Listing Price: Many properties across these cities are selling for above their listing prices, a sign of a competitive market. Dublin and Livermore also show this trend, with several homes selling for considerably more than their listed prices, reflecting strong buyer competition and potentially a seller's market.

  3. Days on Market (DOM): Properties in Dublin and San Ramon tend to sell quickly, with many homes spending less than 10 days on the market. This indicates a high demand and a fast-moving market in these areas. On the other hand, some properties in Livermore and Pleasanton have longer DOMs, suggesting a more balanced or buyer-friendly market.

  4. Sold Price Per Square Foot: Pleasanton and San Ramon have properties with high sold price per square foot, indicating these areas are highly valued for their location, quality of living, or property features. High sold prices per square foot can also reflect the premium on well-maintained or updated homes.

  5. Number of Offers: Properties in Danville, Dublin, and San Ramon have received a high number of offers, with some homes receiving over 10 offers. This competitiveness can drive up the final selling price and indicates strong interest from buyers.

Insights for Buyers

  • Competitiveness: Be prepared for a competitive market, especially in Danville, Dublin, and San Ramon. Consider making your offer as attractive as possible, possibly above the asking price, and limit contingencies if you're serious about a property.
  • Market Speed: The fast-paced market in certain areas means buyers should be ready to act quickly when they find a desirable property.
  • Price Per Square Foot: Understanding the sold price per square foot can help buyers determine if they are getting a fair deal relative to the market average.

Insights for Sellers

  • Pricing Strategy: Properties selling above the listing price suggest that pricing your home competitively can attract multiple offers, potentially driving the price up in a bidding war.
  • Property Preparation: Homes that sell quickly and for a good price are likely well-presented. Consider investing in home staging or minor renovations to make your property more attractive to potential buyers.
  • Market Timing: Pay attention to the DOM in your area to understand the best timing for listing your property. A lower DOM indicates a seller's market, where listing your property might fetch a competitive price.

In conclusion, the real estate market in these areas is dynamic, with varying levels of demand, competitiveness, and valuation. Buyers and sellers should leverage these insights to make informed decisions, whether looking for a new home or selling their property.

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