East Bay - Weekly Market Report: OCT 18 - 24, 2023

Check out this OCT 18 - 23, 2023 market report! Get the best insights on when to place a plan for your new home with this weekly market guide in East Bay.

📍 Hayward 📍 Castro Valley 📍 Dublin 📍 Pleasanton
📍 San Ramon 📍 Livermore 📍 Danville

Hayward has the highest number of active listings among these cities at 84, with a more affordable median sold price of $775,000. The market pace is reasonable with properties spending a median of 14 days on the market. The six price changes reflect a flexible market adjusting to the demand and supply dynamics.

Castro Valley, the market here seems to be moderately active with 23 active listings and a median sold price of around $1.1 million. With a median of 19 days on the market, properties are moving at a fair pace, and the recent price change indicates a certain level of fluctuation in the market values.

Dublin’s market is bustling with a lower median days on the market at just seven days, indicating a faster-paced market. The median sold price stands at around $1.2 million with 25 active listings, making it a competitive market for buyers.

Pleasanton showcases a luxurious market with a median sold price of approximately $1.68 million, the highest among the mentioned cities. With 33 active listings and properties spending a median of 11 days on the market, it's a fairly active and competitive market for the high-end buyer.

San Ramon also represents a high-end market with a median sold price of around $1.55 million and a speedy market pace with a median of six days on the market, the fastest among these cities. With 32 active listings, it’s a relatively active market catering to premium buyers.

Livermore, with 47 active listings and a median sold price of around $1.13 million, has a fast-moving market similar to Dublin with a median of seven days on the market. The five price changes indicate a moderate level of market re-evaluation to align with current demand.

In Danville, there is a higher number of active listings at 47, with a median sold price of about $1.4 million, which is relatively higher compared to other cities. Properties are also moving slightly faster with a median of 17 days on the market, showing a brisker market pace. The six price changes hint at an adaptive market responding to buyer and seller expectations.

Across these cities, the real estate market trends reflect a blend of competitive pricing, varying paces of market movement, and a spectrum of affordability. Each city has its unique market dynamics, with higher-end markets showcasing faster movement and competitive pricing, while more affordable markets like Hayward offer more options with a slightly slower pace.

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