East Bay - Weekly Market Report: DEC 13 - 19, 2023

Check out this DEC 13 - 19, 2023 market report! Get the best insights on when to place a plan for your new home with this weekly market guide in East Bay.

📍 Castro Valley 📍 Danville 📍 Dublin 📍 Hayward
📍 Livermore 📍 Pleasanton 📍 San Ramon

Market Characteristic: Castro Valley shows a stable market with a moderate number of active listings and new listings.
Trends: The relatively high median sold price indicates a premium market segment. However, the longer median days on the market suggest that properties may not be moving as quickly as in other areas, potentially due to price sensitivity or a smaller pool of buyers.

Market Characteristic: Danville's market is robust and dynamic, with a significant number of new listings and a high median sold price, indicating a high-demand, upscale market.
Trends: The very short median days on the market reflect a highly competitive market where properties are quickly bought, often indicative of a seller's market with potentially multiple offers on listings.

Market Characteristic: Despite having fewer active and new listings, Dublin's high median sold price is noteworthy.
Trends: The extremely short median days on the market, the highest among these cities, signal a very aggressive market, likely driven by high demand for premium properties.

Market Characteristic: Hayward presents the highest number of active listings, indicating a larger inventory.
Trends: The lower median sold price compared to its neighbors and a modest median days on the market suggest a more accessible market, likely appealing to a broader range of buyers.

Market Characteristic: Livermore shows a balanced market with a moderate number of active and new listings.
Trends: The median sold price and median days on the market are moderate, indicating a steady market without extreme demand or supply issues.

Market Characteristic: Pleasanton's market seems to be slowing down, with no new listings and a moderate number of active listings.
Trends: The higher median sold price combined with longer median days on the market suggests that while the market is premium, buyers are taking more time to make purchasing decisions.

Market Characteristic: San Ramon's real estate market is quite active, as indicated by the number of active listings and a decent number of properties pending sale.
Trends: The median sold price and days on the market indicate a healthy, balanced market, appealing to a wide range of buyers.

Overall Analysis
General Trend: There's a clear division between more premium, fast-moving markets (Danville, Dublin, Pleasanton) and more accessible, steadier markets (Hayward, Livermore).
Buyer's vs. Seller's Markets: Danville and Dublin are predominantly seller's markets with quick turnovers and high prices. In contrast, Hayward and Livermore present more opportunities for buyers.
Market Dynamics: The variability in median days on the market across these cities indicates diverse buyer preferences and economic conditions. Areas with high median sold prices and low days on the market are likely experiencing high demand and competitive bidding.

In conclusion, each city displays unique market characteristics, influenced by factors like pricing, demand, and inventory levels. This differentiation highlights the importance of localized market strategies for buyers and sellers in the real estate sector.

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