East Bay Weekend Events Guide 3rd Week of May 2022 (Pleasanton)

Pleasanton Weekend

Events Guide

Spend your weekend with your loved ones as you enjoy and experience our picks for affordable fun events in East Bay Area.There are ample opportunities to eat, drink, dance, and laugh this weekend so get your calendar and experience the best in East Bay area.

Check out hot pick events for your 3rd weekend this May 2022. Enjoy and Experience diiferent activities around the area.

Eid Festival 2022: Alameda Co. Fairgrounds, Pleasanton

"Eid Bash is a one-day fair with over 60 booths and exhibits on products, services, arts, crafts, literature, fashion and designs (and) will be held in Alameda County fairgrounds on May 22nd from 11 am to 9 pm.

"Eid Bash aims to serve as a unique catalyst for cultural osmosis and bring positive change within the communities.

Hang Your Quilts Day

Quilts may be displayed on fences, porch or balcony railings, draped over cars or hung in trees. Brighten up your neighborhood with a mini quilt show!

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