East Bay Weekend Events Guide 3rd Week of May 2022 (Livermore)

Livermore Weekend

Events Guide

Spend your weekend with your loved ones as you enjoy and experience our picks for affordable fun events in East Bay Area.There are ample opportunities to eat, drink, dance, and laugh this weekend so get your calendar and experience the best in East Bay area.

Check out hot pick events for your 3rd weekend this May 2022. Enjoy and Experience diiferent activities around the area.

Shelley Stone's Famous W.Dublin Neighborhood Yard Sale!

This is a very structured event. You go the houses identified as the starting point. At those locations you’ll be given a map showing all the properties that are participating and what they have to sell.

Rain or shine, this is one yard sale you should not miss!

Volker Strifler with opener Jack Quigley at Almost Famous Wine Lounge

Volker Strifler: singer-songwriter and guitarist is in town !

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