East Bay Weekend Events Guide 2nd Week of May 2022 (San Ramon)

San Ramon Weekend

Events Guide

Spend your weekend with your loved ones as you enjoy and experience our picks for affordable fun events in East Bay Area.There are ample opportunities to eat, drink, dance, and laugh this weekend so get your calendar and experience the best in East Bay area.

Check out hot pick events for your 2nd weekend this May 2022. Enjoy and Experience diiferent activities around the area.

Recognizing the Stages of Cognitive Decline

Learn how to distinguish the difference between normal aging signs, versus things that might warrant additional attention.

This is a FREE event, solely for informational purposes, put on by the members of the National Aging in Place Council of the San Francisco Bay Area chapter.

Founders Matchmaking & Networking - Quants, Investors, FinTech, Startups

The purpose of this group is to facilitate professional networking and synergy between individuals. Challenge yourself and expand your network and comfort zone. Let your hair down! Be open minded and be non-judgmental. The group is based on quality events to bring people together from positive professional interaction. Consider joining us!

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