3 Tips for Selling to Seniors

3 Tips for Selling to Seniors

We’ve already written a few blogs on how to land younger clients and renters, but one thing we haven’t drilled down on is the opposite end of the spectrum—how to land clients who are older, and might be moving for the last time. These clients are wonderful, because you can often get two transactions, the sale of their first home, and the purchase of their new one.

Here are three tips for upping your game and landing these amazing clients.

Door to door

Baby boomers come from a time when face-to-face interaction was more common, and they are less averse to someone knocking on the door or starting a conversation. Make sure the conversation leads to the establishment of a schedule of contact. That is the only goal for your door-knocking efforts: a set time to follow up.

Be deferential

In any sale, with any person, confidence is key. When it comes to selling seniors, this still holds true, but you want to be especially respectful. With younger clients, you might try to create a convivial, casual atmosphere. With older clients, always make sure to respect your elders. This means using the proper prefix (Mister, Miss, etc.), shaking hands, and asking permission to speak before you roll into your pitch. Make sure to have some physical marketing to leave behind so they can remember you.

Have a leave-behind item

Since e-mail and digital marketing aren’t as relevant to seniors, you need to have a solid piece of collateral. That’s where American Lifestyle magazine comes in. It’s a timeless marketing method that baby boomers love, and it helps you to stand out from all the other agents that are competing for their business.

Seniors also make incredible referral sources, because seniors are less likely to turn to the internet when they are looking for a product or service. Instead, they turn to trusted friends and family for recommendations. If you provide amazing service (and every agent who reads the ReminderMedia blog does) then you can count on referrals down the line.

Seniors have disposable income, and as baby boomers climb in age, they are a demographic with an enormous amount of buying power. Follow these three tips and get them into your funnel.

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